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  1. New to FMCA and owning a motorhome (2003 Foretravel U320 38ft w/tag DP). We selected a 2016 Chev Silverado 1500 4X4 for a toad. The manual for the Chev spells out exactly what one has to do to dinghy tow the vehicle. One of the requirements is to disconnect the negative cable at the battery. No problem? Very big problem if I want to use a supplemental braking system in the Chev. The braking systems that sit in the floor and push on the brake pedal require plugging into a cigarette lighter. Disconnected vehicle battery cuts power to the cigarette lighter plug. Another issue is with the Chev brake lights. The brake lights will not light when the brake pedal is pushed by the supplemental braking system with the vehicle battery disconnected. What are my options? Operate without a supplemental braking system? Purchase/trade for a different toad? Install a supplemental braking system that I am not familiar with? Please help.
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