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  1. Thank you for the welcome! I do not have a owners manual. I looked on line (Toyota.com) and found emergency towing info, it said all 4 Wherls off the ground. Also found a Toyota tech bulletin on dingy towing from 2000 it says it is dingy towable. We have had 2 Auto techs tell us it was not towable. The info out there is very contradictory. We have a appt with our local Toyota dealer on Monday. We were hoping some one out there had past experience with this vehicle and could give us advice.
  2. Hi, We are new to the RV world and have a question. We have a 1997 Toyota RAV4, it is a 4WD with a 5 speed manual transmission. Is the Toyota towable? We have researched on line and found very contradictory info. Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Leslie
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