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  1. I doubled checked on the roof and the video says that its "Crowned and Laminated", thats fiberglass right?
  2. The video I saw said it has a full fiberglass roof system. Things may have changed since 2010 and I'm doing what I can to check it out more completely and see if I can find some owners to talk to.
  3. Hey Carl, $280 is more than I'm willing to pay for my first coach especially. My wife wants a new coach so there's no conversation about used. So from the new diesel standpoint it comes down to a Thor Palazzo 36.1 or Coachman Cross Country 404RB. It's either one of those and I've already discounted the Palazzo or the Newmar Canyon Star 4002 gasser. Those are my choices! Unless you know of another DP around the same price as the Cross Country? Regardless of the coach company it also must be a bath and a half!
  4. What do you think from the pictures?
  5. Hi J, when did you last see one? I have no idea other than on the MHS web site and a couple videos I've seen today. It doesn't look like any TT I've ever seen but that could be because I've never seen TT!
  6. I saw this on another forum and copied it as is. I guess that's OK right? But he talks about something I didn't know either. I've been to the MHS website a number of times and discounted this coach out of hand because the writeup said " 2016 Coachmen Cross Country 404RB Bath & 1/2, Pwr Salon Bunks, W/D, King Because of the "Bunks" I never looked further because I don't want 6' of my coach taken up with bunks. Do to his post I went back to the MHS website and sure enough! What do you guys think? Here's his post; "Hi Guys, I've seen the Coachman Cross Country 404RB listed on the Motorhome Specialists web site many times but never paid any attention because it said "Bunkhouse" of which I have no interest. By accident I clicked on it last evening and to my surprise it didn't have bunkbeds. At least not the standard configuration we're use to. It's a terrific price for a 40' diesel pusher and a pretty good looking coach! What can you tell me about it?"
  7. I agree with all of that Roger S. My thinking is I can go into my new coach with the knowledge I've picked up here and other places. Then I can pay Newmar $3,500.00 for the benefit of knowing all I can reasonably fit into my brain about my coach and RVing in general. That knowledge, which will be sizable, with me and a Newmar professional going through the coach to find every little, medium and BIG thing wrong and have it fixed is terrific. Getting to meet and know a lot of Newmar people in the process is no small thing either!!! I think it's a win-win situation and wouldn't hesitate to pay $3,500.00 for the privilege! Have I fallen off the sled too often?
  8. I wasn't surprised by the added cost because I'm asking the factory to do more than just ship the coach to a dealer. What does surprise me is they don't take off the amount they have built in for freight! I asked them about it and they said they build in a fixed amount no matter where the coach is shipped and is part of the fixed cost of the coach. They do not rebate it back because all financial transactions are handled by the dealer! Only the $4,000.00 (I think its actually $3,500.00) is paid directly to Newmar.
  9. This has really turned into a terrific conversation and I thank every one of you for making it so! My wife reminded me that a gas coach fits into my comfort zone! I know and understand the gas engine and drivetrain and that I don't want people crawling around the inside and outside of our coach for general maintenance issues. Sometimes our woman knows us pretty well... I think the BIG thing I realized is you don't have to go to a diesel for a quality interior and living space. Once I saw Newmar and all the good stuff everyone said about the coach and the company it came down to a win-win situation for me. This is my first coach and getting it right the first time is important to me as it is to all of us. I'll order the coach from the dealer who gives me the best price and will pick it up from Newmar. They charge just under $4,000.00 for factory pickup and assign a person to show you the coach from top to bottom who will stay with you until your comfortable with all aspects. And anything they find along the way needing fixing or attention they jump on it immediately. What a feeling of comfort to have a pro show you through your coach from stem to stern for a couple days, not a couple hours. Did you know when you buy a Newmar, there's a plaque on the drivers side with a persons name and phone number that you can call at anytime day and night? If the water heater doesn't work at 9 at night you have someone to call. I think that's terrific, what a great feeling of comfort and confidence. The same confidence that comes from the knowledge that you good folks are out there for me! I appreciate each and every one of you! Oh and can I call you a 9 PM? Harry
  10. Hey Manholt, I know you don't pay full MSRP and I know your 25 to 35% off is accurate! But you can't walk away from the $80,000.00 difference! That's going to be there regardless of the amount off MSRP! And I'll not have a salesman walk me down the primrose path, that's why I have you!!! Harry
  11. I just checked out the 2016 Trek by Safari and it's too small and isn't bath and half which is a "Must Have"!
  12. Thank you all very much, very good information and I appreciate your taking the time for the thoughtful responses. Manhole, I'm not aware of the 2016 Trek by Safari, but I'll check it out after this post and report back! Let me see if I can zero in on things we can maybe agree on. 1. We want a NEW coach and our budget does not allow for a NEW diesel. I know that many do not understand the NEW part but it’s something my wife is adamant on and she wins! 2. No one argues if I’m buying a gasser I’m buying a Newmar is the top of the food chain. 3. Canyon Star has a 38’ that’s very similar to the 40’ but we like the added 2 feet as we’ll be spending three to four months in it! 4. I’ve driven the Newmar Top of The Line 40’ Canyon Star gasser and 40’ Ventana LE diesel and the diesel rides better, drives better, is less noisy and has great breaks. 5. (Base MSRP before options) The 40’ Canyon Star gasser costs $168,704.00 and the 40’ Ventana LE diesel costs $249,719.00 a difference of $81,015.00. If the diesel isn’t better for that difference than something is very-very wrong! 6. Nothing here about gas vs diesel, It’s all about cost vs financial reality. If I need to say I’m sorry for not being willing to spend more or buy used than I’m sorry. Please let me know if you disagree with any of my 6 points and especially where you think I've gone wrong? Unlike Tom Cruse, I can handle the truth! Harry
  13. Hi Carl, I've heard the "no gas over 36 foot" before and I have only one question. When was the last time you drove a gasser with the new 6 speed tranny? Most folks have a very high opinion of Newmar, do you think Newmar would build a 40' gasser if it wouldn't do the job? OK, that's two questions! Did you notice how nice the interior is of the Canyon Star when you were there? Wow that's three questions! And what did you think of the 3902 and the way they set up the bath and half? Oh man that's five, I'm a wild man!!! ?
  14. Great discussion guys and I appreciate it very much. One of my last conversations with Newmar I asked them about the springs. The way I framed the conversation was telling them I saw a video by the Wynn's about a trip they took to Alaska in a 38' Fleetwood Bounder. They talked about and showed on the video how it was buffeted by wind and trucks going by and how it needed constant wheel correction and it wold sway on turns. The Wynn's took it back to Fleetwood and they installed sway bars front and back that seemed to fix the problem. I asked Newmar if the Canyon Star would have the same problems and they said no. First because Canyon Star is one a 26,000 pound chassis while the Bounder is on a, he was pretty sure a 22,000 pound chassis. Newmar also orders all Ford 26,000 pound chassis with Fords premium suspension. He assured me the Canyon Star would not be effected like I saw on the Wynn's video with the Biunder. He also said that he goes to many shows and the dealers and customers haven't mentioned it as a problem. I also asked him about doghouse noise, also a problem in the Wynn's video and he said No, he's not heard that as a problem either, which I thought was quite a strong statement! I hope that's right because I'd hope an engineer at Newmar would tell me a story. What are you're thoughts? Thanks again for a great discussion! Oh and thanks jleamont, I'm glad I fit somewhere!
  15. Hey Carl, the Canyon Star 3900 series are all 39'11". My coach of interest is the 3902 and take a look at that bad boy and tell me it isn't sweet!
  16. Thank you all for your responses, When I said "Confused" in the subject of my post I should have used "Insane" to consider a Palazzo! I was building a model airplane earlier and maybe got too much of the glue smell! I've researched gas coaches on the coach web sites, forums and test drives determining months ago that my only two coaches of consideration were Newmar and Tiffin. I quickly narrowed them down to Newmar because I like their floor plan, they offer a 40 footer, is built on the 26,000 Ford chassis and was very impressed with the plant tour. How I allowed the Palazzo to seep into my thinking is anyone guess but will think of it no longer. It was simply a diesel coach that fit our budget for a NEW coach, but I know better, I really do. We want a "NEW" coach that fits our budget and found we can get the best gas coach built for a little under budget. I know the central brain trusts say "buy I used diesel for what your spending for the new Canyon Star". And I get that because I've driven diesels and they're sweet, no doubt about it. But gas fits my NEW coach budget and that I can buy the best in the category can't be too bad right? As I said earlier we'll spend three to four summer months out west and we'll get up and down the rockies somehow in our gasser. We'll winter in our stick house in Florida. I'd not be at all surprised if we didn't take a few Florida side trips as well. The Keys are kind of nice that time of year! I think what I was after was you guys setting me straight on the Palazzo so I could get it out of my mind and do what I set out to do in the beginning! This is our first coach and want to get it right the first time out! Thank you all, Harry
  17. Thank you for your reply. I've heard good things about Motorhomes of Texas and I'm sure would be a great place for a used coach. I'm really looking to buy new and you've confirmed what I already knew "stay away from a Palazzo"! My wife and I will spend maybe 3 to 4 months in the summer in the coach and maybe 6 to 7,000 miles a year. When I spoke to Newmar of my plans they said a Canyon Star would work for us very well. The Palazzo just messed with my brain for a moment there! Any other thoughts I'd love to hear them.
  18. I've been looking at various gas motorhomes for awhile now and settled on a 2017 Newmar Canyon Star. I've driven a couple new 2016's but not a 2017 until the other day. I expected them to ride and handle the same and they did for the most part. It seems like the handling of the 2017 is a little nicer but that could just be my imagination. My problem is I also like the 2016/17 Thor Palazzo that I also drove. I've read a lot about the Palazzo and some of it not good at all. Others who own one say it's not as bad and has the normal fix up stuff of a new coach. I want a new coach and the Palazzo is the only diesel fitting my budget. What do you think?
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