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  1. Well...... Our Story is Done (for now), After removing the bed platform I found that there is a mixing valve at the hot water exit from the tank...........only God knows why. Disconnected the cold water tube from the valve, capped it off, and amazingly we have hot water at taps. This valve probably needs to be removed, but I don't want to do while on the road. I have to say, I'm very disappointed in Fleetwood for not knowing about it, and for installing it this way. Thanks to all who tried to help us. Chuck P.
  2. Well, here's my story as it continues. I spoke with Fleetwood twice today. Two different stories. Anyway, I had to remove the bed box top to get even close to the back of the heater. It now appears there is two valves controlling cold water. I could only move one and it created totally cold water from heater, entirely bypassing the heater. The other one, I can't move. I have no idea why there isn't a simple setup with cold going in the heater and one hot going out. I've given up and am trying to get a local mobile service company to visit our resort. The real issue is we bought this unit last October, used it for two weeks, winterized it and then this happens on our first trip this year. Murphy's law! Chuck P.
  3. Jim, Have already checked all areas where mixing can occur. Is there possibly a check valve on the heater that may be stuck open? Thanks, Chuck PS. Lived in Elkhart for 18 yrs until 1987.
  4. Hello, We have a 2006 Bounder with an Atwood 10 gal water heater. This is our first use this spring. Water in heater is very hot, but water at all taps is luke warm. Have checked all valves (exterior shower, bath shower) to make sure they are closed. Pulled the water heater bypass valve and examined. Still luke warm water at faucets. I turn off the water heater bypass valve and get cold water, turn on and get luke warm water. I suspect I have a "mixing problem," but have no idea where else to look. Help! Chuck Phillips
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