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  1. I was driving my 40 ft Holiday Rambler Ambassador over the I-80 Pass in California, headed for Reno when I was caught in a snow storm at the summit. The ABS and ATC lights both came on.

    At first everything seemed normal except for the ABS and TCA lights. Then during the descent the brake air gage started to swing wildly between 80 pounds and up to 150 pounds. When I finally parked at home the lights were still on. The next morning every thing had dried out, the ATC and ABS lights were gone. Can anyone tell me where the system box is located on the frame so it can be sealed if possible. Thanks Bill Smith

  2. On 6/21/2016 at 7:25 AM, WILDEBILL308 said:

    Glad you posted that link. I am on the road and noticed last night my light wasn't working. 


    I removed the handle and there was no wires for power. Guess the Ambassador is a cheaper model that doesn't light. Thanks Bill


  3. Being a newbie I was a little hasty buying a 2005 HR Ambassador. During a lube job I was told that both arms in the back passenger side of the the frame were bent, he didn't say how much and at this point it means nothing to me except that it needs replacing. I don't know where to go from here or if it is dangerous to drive, or where to buy them and how expensive will it be to have them replaced. help please!, Bill

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