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  1. Can Forever Tape be used to replace Caulk ?
  2. Any advice on where to buy small parts for 2005 HR Rambler Ambassador. I have a broken shower frame part and no dealers seem to carry. Any help would woul be great, Thanks
  3. I have a 2005 HR Ambassador. The warning horn for low air doesn't stop for as long as 20 minutes and the air is well above what is needed. At least once it didn't stop for an entire trip. Any help on a solution.
  4. The panel looks hard to take off with all the attaches and water fittings. This looks like an extremely difficult task, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. I have an HR Ambassador 2005, My auto water hose retractor stopped working but I can hear the motor running when I push the power button. I think I will try the repair my self does anyone any suggestions and does the panel have to be removed to to get to the drive?
  6. I have a HR Ambassador 2005 with 4 sides, my manual refers to lock bars to be removed when letting out the side outs. Either they didn't get passed along during the ownership transfer or I just don't know what they look like or how or why they are used! Can anyone educate me. Thanks
  7. I removed the handle and there was no wires for power. Guess the Ambassador is a cheaper model that doesn't light. Thanks Bill
  8. Thanks for all the information, I will take pictures and post them.
  9. Being a newbie I was a little hasty buying a 2005 HR Ambassador. During a lube job I was told that both arms in the back passenger side of the the frame were bent, he didn't say how much and at this point it means nothing to me except that it needs replacing. I don't know where to go from here or if it is dangerous to drive, or where to buy them and how expensive will it be to have them replaced. help please!, Bill
  10. Thanks I don't need anymore repairs than necessary.
  11. I recently purchased a 2005 HR Ambassador. Can anyone tell me if the clear assist handle next to the entry door lights up when touched? Trying to make repairs to non working devices. Thanks
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