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  1. gelsw


    Wow thanks, finished typing, poured a drink and found your reply!!
  2. Have 2 leaks in plumbing, both where a pvc connector cracked. No markings on connector but pic below. Hose is 1/2" F.I.P., what ever that is. Can not find anyplace that sells the connector, Menards has the hose. The brand on the hose is JB Products, their site no longer lists the hose. 2013 Thor Tuscany 42WX Can anyone help?? Gary Elswick shared a photo with you View photo You received this mail because Gary Elswick shared these photos with you. If you no longer wish to receive email notifications of shared photos, unsubscribe here. Get the Google Photos app Google LLC 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy Mountain View, CA 94043 USA
  3. Just got back from the Tunnel of Trees drive, M-191 out of Harbor Springs, another perfect day and a beautiful drive.
  4. Update, the park is not the same as it was a couple years ago. They have put in numerous trailers and even a double wide. Motorcycles roaring around without mufflers ignoring the noise rules and getting away with it. This is no longer a Class A resort. Not a place you may want to bring your half million $ coach. It still has wide lots and plenty of maneuvering room, but don't expect a Class A resort.
  5. With the fires out west and the heat everywhere we are going back to Michigan this time. Anyone know of similar parks in other areas of Michigan? Plan on seeing a lot more of the whole state and than maybe the Lake Superior loop drive. Need big rig friendly parks..... Gary, Nancy, Molly the Labradoodle and Miss Kitty the 3 legged Siamese cat who rescued us.
  6. Found a possible answer, remove the defrost vents and then pull up on the long piece next to the windshield to get to the large passenger side plastic piece. Supposedly both of these pieces can be pulled up enough to get to the fan motor. Will keep you posted on the results, probably try next stop tonight. At Jackson, Mississippi now headed towards Nashville. Gary
  7. Good advice but since it has been about 40 years since I was in the only accident/fender bender I have ever been in what I should have done didn't come to mind until to late. It is amazing how fast things happened even though I was only crawling along having just turned off the highway.
  8. That is one of the videos I watched, unfortunately it does not show how to remove the cover on a Forza which is several times the size of the cover shown. Thanks for checking though. Gary
  9. I'm basing my "knowledge" on what I saw on youtube about freightliner heater blowers, you know how the internet is never wrong.
  10. Pulling into a truck stop and there was a pickup stopped on the right and slightly blocking the entrance. Turned to the left to go around him since that is where I wanted to go anyway. He cut right in front of me as I was turning away from him. I continued turning and looked into my mirror in time to see him stop next to me and as I scraped two of the basement doors on his bumper. There was no reason for him to stop, no traffic or whatever. He jumped out calling me every name in the book, etc., etc. and how I ruined his new truck, he pointed out a half inch scratch on the corner of his bumper. No concern over the 6 foot dent in my doors. He ranted and raved until I said I was not listening to him any more and calling the police. He then took off in his pickup. Of course I didn't think at the time to get his license number. Later I realized it was probably a scam, they way he cut in front of me then stopped, ranting at me for ruining his vehicle and probably going to demand cash until I wanted to call the police..... This was the first of two accidents on this trip and we are not home yet. Arrrggg, Gary
  11. Trying to track down why the dash heat ac blower motor only works on high on a Freightliner 2014 chassis, 2016 Winnebago Forza 38R. The youtube experts seem to think a resistor needs replaced on the blower motor. Can get to the rear and drivers side of the motor under the dash but the wiring all seems to run to the passenger side of the motor. There is a big hunk of plastic for the dash on that side and I have only found one screw holding on the whole thing, which did not loosen it. So does anyone know how to remove the dash and or how to diagnose heater switch? Gary
  12. gelsw


    Bonneville dam, saw them swimming upstream yesterday, along with the lampreys. Stayed on I84 to keep moving. to get to the only campground that had a space along the Columbia and that is in Goldendale. Since we have already seen St. Helens and not wanting to backtrack a hundred miles to Portland, decided to head north from the Columbia to Yakima and then west to Mount Rainier. Seeing Mt Adams today. Wikipedia has an excellent article on the geology of the Pacific northwest. Figure Rainier has the most chance of erupting in our lifetimes so want to see it before (and if) it does. From there heading to Olympic National Park.
  13. gelsw


    Hey tbutler.... Spent a week or so at Mt Shasta and also went to Lava Beds NP. Black Butte (cinder cone) literally comes right up to the berm of I-5. Cant believe they built it so close, one minor quake and the north bound lanes at least would be closed.... Left the coast this morning and after some time around the Columbia River heading north to St. Helens. Yoga currently is for relearning to breath, copd.....
  14. Mentioned my weather and climate interests in another post, was wondering if there are people with other similar interests such as geology, astronomy, general science & physics, survival, knives, cast iron cooking, grilling, robotics, photography and yoga? If anyone is interested I can give free or nearly free resources on any of the above subjects or just have a discussion.....or add your interests and accumulated knowledge......
  15. Thanks, Butler!! Some people are so ingenious it makes me jealous. That flag pole mount is one bright idea, I'll have to check these out..... Bill, I'm confused by your question. I have, I assume, an above average interest. Have multiple weather apps on my phone including Radarscope, the one a lot of storm chasers use. In addition to the tv weather stations, the online weather apps and the fore mentioned phone apps I frequently view the numerous youtube weather related videos, especially the storm chaser videos that go into great detail in how supercells and tornadoes form. Last year we took the free tour offered by the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center at Norman, OK. Not for every one but I can't wait to get back and do it again. Have taken every weather and climate related course that The Great Courses offers multiple times. And while in Oklahoma visited the impromptu memorial where the storm chasers where killed by the El Reno tornado May 31, 2013. For some reason that date sticks in my head. We watched the live tornado report on the weather station on tv while staying in an rv park in Gunnison, Colorado, which I also still remember. Considering the changing climate, my question is why are not more people highly interested. Currently in Gold Beach, Oregon and have been studying why in the last few weeks here on the coast we have highs in the 60's and fog yet just a few miles inland the temps have frequently been above 100. Just one of many interests that hopefully are helping to keep my aging brain cells sharper. Soot, thanks for the info, I think I'll go with yours too!
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