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  1. Purchased new Class A 2017 Holiday Rambler Vacationer XE in March. Nothing but problems. Motorhome still at the dealers facility W A I T I N G for Warranty Authorization and body work repair. Holiday Rambler appears to have no Quality Control function whatsoever in their Manufacturing facility in Decatur Indiana nor does General RV in Dover Florida. Warranty Authorization on new motorhome from Holiday Rambler takes far too many days with little to no explanation for delays. May be due to others having similar problems with their new HR motorhomes. This is our fourth motorhome (two Winnebagos and one National Tradewinds) and is the singular worst RV experience we have ever suffered. This "new" Holiday Rambler will be For Sale as soon as it is in condition to sell. Other HR purchasers appear to have done the same thing for the same reason. Yeah, we are going to take a loss, but we are powerless in this situation. Don't buy Holiday Rambler unless you have lots of time to wait for corrective action and warranty service.
  2. Purchased new Holiday Rambler Vacationer XE on 9 March 2017. There were a myriad of problems with the vehicle. Had to return the vehicle to General RV in Dover Florida when it currently resides. Problems included main slide hanging up on and ripping out adjacent cabinet, non-functioning generator, water leak in the fill connector, entry step not working, crack in the exterior fiberglass wall, vehicle tends to wander when driven...the list goes on to a point where it becomes painfully obvious HR manufacturing has no Quality Control Organization/function whatsoever. Googling HR reveals others have suffered similar problems with this manufacturer. This vehicle will be for sale as soon as we can get it back and functioning. Word to the wise: DON'T BUY HOLIDAY RAMBLER!!!
  3. For what it's worth.... I have a class A diesel motorhome registered in Montana and have never had problems to date. Purchased it used in Camarillo CA (as a resident of Florida). Florida requires the RV to be outside state for the first six months to avoid sales tax with which I complied by immediately traveling to Canada and other states for that period. Perhaps the original inquirer could solve his situation by registering his automobile in Montana through the LLC company. The attorney I used can certainly provide that for autos, boats and aircraft. Plus the registration fees for most automobiles are usually less there compared to California. The Drivers license "should" not be a problem because we can drive rental autos or borrowed vehicles in other states. (I.e., if challenged, one could explain that he/she are renting the RV/auto from the company.) Haven't registered my autos in MT yet, but will if issues arise. I have a distinct aversion to waste . Don't object to paying a fair price for a fair service. Unfortunately, I lived in California for more than 20 years and cannot think of any other state that wastes more money. Moreover, I also owned boats and aircraft which California tried to tax in several ways. In addition to waste, I object to being taxed more simply because it looks as if I can pay more . For some strange reason the concept of equality is totally absent from the Federal and State tax systems . Good luck, chuck
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