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  1. I belong to several FMCA Chapters. One of the chapter I belong to only has two rallys per year. They are a week-long rally with the host arranging location, campgrounds, activities (such as tours, dinning, interesting places to see) in the area. Chapter members pay a fee in advance to host to cover campground, tours, and other activities if funds allow. My wife and I are hosting the Spring 2014 Rally in April. I need some suggestions. A lot of the members are returning from wintering in Florida. Any ideals would be appreciated. Locations needs to be East of Kansas and South of Ohio River due to early April weather. HELP!
  2. I have the same problem on a Fleetwood 2007 Providence. I am taking to Camping World next week for a new camera monitor. Will discuss the generator primer/pump with them. If they can't help will take to Onan tech.
  3. I have a 2007 Fleetwood Providence that has the Diamon Shield on the front, applied at the factory. I purchased the coach in October of 2009. The covering had some bug stains on it when I purchased the coach. After 20,000 miles I also have a few chips in the cover. I have a quote from Diamond Shield to remove to old shield and install new. My question is: How likely is it that some paint will be removed in the process of removing the old shield? Anyone have experience with this? edraff
  4. I mistakenly put 2.3 gal. on gasoline in my diesel motor home. The tank holds 90 gallons. The tank was half full when I put in the gasoline. After I realized what I did, I filled the tank with diesel. I drove the MH a little over 300 miles didn't notice any effects. The tank is around half full. I was thinking of filling full with diesel again. Chassis was built in 2006 and has a Cat C7 engine. Any advise.
  5. I have an 07 Fleetwood Providence with 350 hp Cat. engine. Radiator is in rear. Would like to change engine belts. Not sure how to even get to the belts. Looks like removing the air filter and approaching from the side may be best? Anyone have suggestions.
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