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  1. Thanks Everyone! I have learned a lot!!
  2. I'm a little unsure about "snapping" off the edge plastic. I'm afraid of breaking it. Any tricks to it?
  3. Thank you everyone, I will stick with tires that came with it. I still would like some more feedback on the balancing . . . equal vs. spin balancing with weights. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I recently had to order a replacement door for my Norcold refrigerator. My door has wood decorative panels. I only ordered the frame. Has anyone replaced their door? I can't figure out how to take the door panels off the old door. Have not received the new one yet, so I'm hoping there are instructions but would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  5. I actually have two questions. I am looking to replace my RV tires (Michelin 245/70 R19.5 Load H). My door panel says tires 245/70 R19.5G. Not sure if I should stay with the load H tire or if I can drop to the G. Also, has anyone balanced using "Equal"? This is all new to me!
  6. Hi Brett, Thanks for the welcome. My Jetta is a 2009 automatic. I've been reading up and I know I will have to tow with a Dolly with brakes! I have a Super C Jayco Seneca and it's already set up to tow. I'm looking for any advice on the tow Dolly and any other information I can learn. Betty
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experience towing a VW Jetta, on a dolly, of course. I am looking into it and would appreciate any feedback available.
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