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  1. I just installed a DORAN system. Previously used a PRESSURE PRO. Have not towed with it, but it is head and shoulders above the PRESSURE PRO as far as installation. Each sensor is identified by a three digit number. You say where it is going. You set its reference pressure. With the PRESSURE PRO if I had the tires rotated on the TOAD you didn't know if the mechanic kept the location of the sensor with the tire or the location. After you filled the tires a few times with the PRESSURE PRO you didn't know what the pressure reference was. The only way to answer these questions was to do a complete install. I am going on the road with it in a few days so I will know it works.
  2. I don't know what kind of mileage is on the 2005 Honda that was mentioned in a reply but , but their Odyssey transmissions are only good for about 75000 miles. I towed a 2002 Odyssey. At 75000 driving miles the transmission went out. It was replaced under an extended warranty. At 153000 driving miles the transmission went out again. I always followed their 8 hour limit. The car has been towed 80,000 miles. I don't know how to equate driving to towed miles, but this has been my experience
  3. I personally like the diodes. Just remember to use a diode pair each time to tie into a line. You have to far enough back in the wiring so that wire you tie into only controls the rear lights. Example: You can find a wire that turns on both front and rear parking lights. You don't want that wire. You need to go beyond that point to where the wires split into the front and rear and then tap into the rear wire with a diode pair.
  4. Any body had any experiences in towing the Ford Flex 4 wheels down? I am considering the purchase of a front wheel drive model.
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