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  1. Got the Dat Burn thing to close finally by swapping the hoses from bad solenoid set to good set and closed it. Then put board to keep it in. Swapped back hoses and then shut valve (small nut type) on top of solenoids and motor. Pretty sure the problem is the solenoid but after three days working on it it's time to go to the shop. Pushing it did not work with solenoids nut retracted 4 turns per manual. Tip70775
  2. The HWH folks said it might be a board issue not sending or sending a false signal but I can't find this board. He also said it may be the solenoid not working and if it is a solenoid it'll be 6-8 weeks to get one. I'm told there is a nut on the solenoid to loosenbetween the wires but it's pouring rain here so it'll have to wait till tomorrow.
  3. I just came home from CWS in Omaha and opened the slides to clean up from the "guys weekend" and now two closed but the one in the bedroom won't got the bus level, pushed on it and wiggled it but she won't budge in or out. Can hear the hyd motor running but it seems to be having no effect in or out. Any ideas? Tip
  4. Congrats. We are newbie owners and made a couple short trips (14 days at CWS in Omaha) and 5 days in SanAntonio but working on a 30 day trip with the less than enthusiatic wife. She made the 5 day but just the boys and I did the CWS. She's skeptical at best as to making it on anything longer than a week. She's afraid she'll be bored as we are both workaholics now. We did do 2 two week trips in a friends Am Eagle before we bought but she's yet to commit to a long trip. Any suggestions? Tip70775 2004 Dynasty 42'tag
  5. You probably passed already but the N. Az. high desert was beautiful. Apache Nation ! Prescott and Sedona are worth a stop too! Tip70775
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