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    Slide Out Problems

    Thanks Wayne. Put it in shop I do not have the knowledge to repair. Was told it was a gear that controls the slide in and out.Happy motoring.
  2. Hank1

    Slide Out Problems

    Have it in the shop. Was told it was the gear off of the Elec motor was broke. This moves the slide on a gear rail matched to the prime gear off of the Elec. Motor. Bridgeport diesal ordered the gear and are going to replace it. Kinda pricie, a grand. Thanks for the input and have happy motoring.
  3. Having trouble. 2011 Winnie full wall slide is making a loud bang extending and retracting. Thinking that is a gear because the slide will go about a ft, than bang. Another foot than bang again. This continues thru the process of opening or closing the slide.
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