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  1. Good afternoon. Brenda and Bill October 2023. We bought out 2015 Popular 210 Chevy V8, 6 speed tranny. WE LOVE IT. Brenda does all the driving because of my vision loss..Park anywhere, comfortable on the road, and at the camp site. Bill Safe Travels Have A Pleasant Day
  2. Good morning everyone. Currently we have Heartland Landmark 40' fifth wheel. We have been talking about leaving the Landmark here in FL at our snowbird location. Talking about getting a TT to travel around the country in. Thinking about maybe a 24' or so in length. The reason, we want to be able more easily to get into state and federal parks which usually have smaller spaces. and to be able to travel the back roads and stay off the interstates. My Sweetheart does all the driving, since I am nearly blind. I want to make it as easy as possible for her to get us places. Not looking for a brand new TT. A used one will be just fine. Ihave been looking online at some tailers. Holiday Rambler. My question: What are the names of the brands models that were built in the 2000/ 2015 time period. I do not know mch agout TT brands. I have only had truck campers, motor homes and fifth wheels. What are your experiences on which brand/model that you have had over the years. We are really excited about doing this. Thanks for any info that you can share. Bill
  3. If the Good Sam Club is gone someday. Maybe FMCA or the Escappees would be willing to take in the Life Members for a small fee. I too am a Life Member I also belong to FMCA, Escappees and just became a Life member in the Passport America club. I get great benefits form all 3, and I use those benefits. What ever happens to the Good Sam Club, we will still have a good time ON THE ROAD. Safe Travels. Have a pleasant day. Bill
  4. Good afternoon everyone. I received a rexted from a friend which had an article that he had copied. The articel was from a INSIDER, stated that Good Sam Enter prize has stopped the state providence directors program. The INSIDER thought that meant the Good Sam Club wouln no longer be part of the company. May be the demise of the Good Sam Club. Has anyone heard about this? Maybe someone knows how to research this and tell us if its true or false.
  5. Hi WildeBill308. I was still unable to get the Trip Routing to work. I sent an email to FMCA. They have a spot for webpage problems. Explained what was going on. A gent name Michael Hall answered. He suggested that I try another browser. I use Goggle Chrome. Trip Routing does not like Chrome. I would not load the buttons at the bottom of the page in the task bar. On Chrome I did not see the accept button or the others also. Went to Internet Explore and all is well. Bill
  6. Thanks for the reply WILDEBILL308 Bill
  7. Good evening everyone. Yep, hot here also. I live about 35 miles south of St. Louis, MO, in Crystal City, on the Mississippi River. But won't be long and the trees will be turning color. Then it will be Snowbird time. My name is Bill. I am a new member,F459102. I have been looking through the site. to get to know it. One of the things that I read about is the Trip Routing feature. Well it took me awhile but I found its location. I went to the page for online maps sent via e-mail. I filled out the form, and then what do I do? I don't see anywhere for me to go past this first page. I have done a search for info on the Trip Routing, and no results. Is there a video, tutorial I can view, read to learn how to use this benefit? I would think that this would be a great benefit for future use. Thanks for any info that you can share. Bill
  8. Hello CarlAda, still looking around the site. I found the form that I can email for a map. Just stumbled on it. I will learn this site someday. Stay cool.
  9. Hello CarlAda. I had read that page. I did not see where, how to request a trip route map/ Where, how do you do that?
  10. Hi Herman. Yes I have joined. F459102. I have not joined a chapter yet. Lots to learn.
  11. I am a new member, going through the site to learn about all FMCA has ot offer. I read a page about Motorhome Trip Routing. Just email your destination and get an email back in minutes with the route info in PDF. Where do I go to view this benefit.
  12. Hello everyone. I finally signed up last night online. Been thinking about for sometime. A friend in my Good Sam Chapter has been telling me for a long time that I needed to join. Saturday, he told me I would really enjoy being in the FMCA. So here I am. I aa 2015 Thor Chateau 31W. 32' on the Ford E450 chassis with the V10 and 5 speed tranny. It is the first MH I have owned. Always bought used. I have been in MH's for about 15 years. Been in rv'ing for maybe 30 years. Just love the rv lifestyle. I live in a small town south of St. Louis, MO, on the Mississippi river. I like to go camping at state and federal parks. Love to travel around the country. I have not been able to see to many states yet. I hope to be able to get to at least all the lower 48 states. I was unable to travel because of the health of my wife, who passed away a few years ago. Now I can hardly get enough of being out ON THE ROAD. I come home and want to go again in a few days. LOL Take Care Safe Travels Life is a trip, ENJOY the ride WØWJU Bill
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