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  1. What am I missing ? Looked at the Dutchstar 4369 or 4381 - rides nice but I liked the steering set to 3-4 rather than down in the 1-2 range. Really tight when closed- about 14" barely got refrig door opened; door to 1/2 bath nicely designed to permit access. Here is the big difference - where is the storage room. In the coach virtually every cabinet was smaller than my Journey (36M) and less of them (although the wood was quite nice). And in the basement - almost no storage. We are occasional users, far from full time, but cannot imagine how anyone can store stuff in a Dutchstar. What am I missing? Also, I went back to a year's worth of recall notices on competing brands and the clear "winner" was Newmar Dutchstar with recalls almost EVERY MONTH. Neither Tiffin nor Winnebago had many. Again, is this silly to look at things this way? Thanks everyone for your advice. I'm only into this for 1 1/2 years. Lastly, what is the significance of a side radiator. And how important is it to have passive tag axle.
  2. New thought - cannot go to 45 feet due to storage limitations. I can buy a 2017 Grand Tour (43 feet) at almost the same price as a Newmar Dutchstar of similar size. Any thoughts about fit, finish, ride, quality, etc.
  3. OK - for several reasons, I've eliminated the Tiffin Allegro Bus from consideration. Now I'm trying to decide between a fully loaded 2017 Tour 42qd and a Newmar 4018. Very similar layouts and reasonably close in options and specifications. I've used the NADA guide and do not seen an appreciable difference in resale % over time. Prices are close. Guidance please: quality, comfort of ride, quietness in coach, both have passive TAG and both have IFS. Any other factors I should consider. Thanks to all.
  4. Thank you for your prompt reply. I'll look again at the space in the Dutchstar but I recall something similar in terms of tightness
  5. I am trying to decide among a Winnebago Tour, Newmar Dutchstar and Tiffin Allegro Bus. All similar configurations, all tag axles, What is the general impression of ride, quietness, handling, quality control, frequency of recalls or problems. Any advice much appreciated.
  6. Thank you all - I appreciate your guidance and experience. Ed
  7. We will soon receive our D/P with 10k towing capacity and plan to tow a small car 3,200 pounds. The tow system is Blue Ox. Do you recommend adding a supplemental braking system. Thinking of Airforce One if necessary or its equivalent. Should I try the D/P on a 2,000 trip without one first?
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