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  1. If you are still looking for a shop in Vegas the CAT dealer is excellent. We had the unfortunate need due to a break down. They were able t get the RV into the shop n the afternoon and gave me a quote for repairs the same evening. We were back on the road by noon the next day.The whole staff was excellent and they even located a hotel for us to stay at that was pet friendly.
  2. dan peebles again. testing testing 123
  3. wolfe10, Thanks for the response. Going to look into doing this next weekend as we have camping plans this weekend.
  4. We have a 39' Class 'A' DP. One of the rear jacks has a leak and I'm wondering if anyone has removed a hydraulic jack? It seems like I should be able to disconnect the two lines and the 4 bolts and off it comes?? I thought I could support the RV with my 10 Ton bottle jack while I have the jack off to be resealed. We do Full Time in the RV so I want to make sure it's safe enough while the jack is off. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Jim-N-Ina
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