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  1. Frieghtliner XC ,2007 diesel pusher, Bounder 35H.. Just looking for air filter..............
  2. Looking for the air line desicate filter, fleetwood told me it was on the drivers side just past rear axle. If so it must be in Stealth mode.. Any ideas ???
  3. Look into the wiring harness for the gauges in dash, This sould have been a recall on this problem, just replaced it and have driven 2000 miles with air and all other gauge working OK!!! Fleetwood told me there is no VCU on like 2004 and later...
  4. Anyone changed the belts on a Cat C7 Diesel pusher 2006 Bounder. Is it a DIY or dealer job
  5. There is NO VDC module on a Frieghtliner after I think 2004 .. Thanks
  6. Well looked under bed and traced air lines back to manifold near rear axle. theres a module over rear lpassenger side,.. . Doesn't look like any one I have ever seen before and no air lines hook up to it????
  7. Trying not to tear everthing apart looking for VDC module on our 2007 bounder pusher . Think it may be under bed , if anyone has idea of it's location.. Thanks
  8. Rayin: Great video looked at this and added nylon washers hoping this solves problem. Catches weren't in slots 100% now they are thanks ALL for answers!!!!!!
  9. That's OK, Thanks for the idea of child locks as manholt said haven't kids for a while!!!!!!
  10. Seals are in GREAT shape regular maintenance on them. no cam on this door has a middle catch bar to hold doors shut. Velcro on handles will not work!!!!
  11. Have a Norcold 1210M frig, went we make a sharp left or hit a bad bump in the road the doors come open. Has anyone else had this problem and found a way to correct this problem??
  12. Any ideas on how to trouble shoot an Xantrex 458 Freedom Inverter/Charger Model #81-2022-12
  13. Will be traveling to Disney area and wondering how travel on I-4 is with construction work in a few weeks...
  14. Has anyone been to Upriver in last month or so, we are to stay over winter and understand, they are in middle of major construction.
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