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  1. Rayin: Great video looked at this and added nylon washers hoping this solves problem. Catches weren't in slots 100% now they are thanks ALL for answers!!!!!!
  2. That's OK, Thanks for the idea of child locks as manholt said haven't kids for a while!!!!!!
  3. Seals are in GREAT shape regular maintenance on them. no cam on this door has a middle catch bar to hold doors shut. Velcro on handles will not work!!!!
  4. Have a Norcold 1210M frig, went we make a sharp left or hit a bad bump in the road the doors come open. Has anyone else had this problem and found a way to correct this problem??
  5. Any ideas on how to trouble shoot an Xantrex 458 Freedom Inverter/Charger Model #81-2022-12
  6. Will be traveling to Disney area and wondering how travel on I-4 is with construction work in a few weeks...
  7. Has anyone been to Upriver in last month or so, we are to stay over winter and understand, they are in middle of major construction.
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