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  1. Thank all of you for the information on flat towing problems with the 2009 Escape Auto 6. I am at my Ford dealer where I refused to take "no answer" for the obvious problems and how to fix them. I finally conered the ast Service Mgr and showed him your comments on this forum. That motivated him to find a FORD Special Service Meswsage (SSM) #20836 dated 6/18/2009 titled "Recreational Flat Towing of 2009 Escape/Mariner and 2010 Fusion/Milan Venicles with 6F35 Auto Trans - Guideline To Prevent Transmission Overheating" As reported by several the key to avaoiding overflow is the proper use of a replacement DIPSTICK [9L8Z-7A020-B] and the proper level of fluid. So now that we have have the proper Ford #'s, you can talk with your service advisor or manager if need be to avoid future problems. Hope you all find this info helpful and thanks again for bringing it to my attention before my first trip with my new potential toad. Bob Harris
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