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  1. Possibly everyone but me knows but my toad was totalled and my insurance company (usaa) considered the tow bracket and lighting harness for 4 wheel down towing to have $0 value. It was @ $1000 to install on my replacement vehicle. My advice is check with your insurance company & if you're a usaa customer, consider your options & risk.
  2. Thank you for your prompt & informative response. My engine is 2007 in a Freightliner chassis and is in the rear. None of the gauges on the dash indicate any problem, i.e., temperature, oil, water, battery all register in the ok zone. By damaging the turbo - what does that mean & how can I tell? There is no item in the maintenance checklist called after cooler, but the "charge air cooler" was inspected and cleaned at 18000 miles in June of this year. The Inline Fuel Strainer, Cummins ISB02 Engine was replaced at 12000 miles in July of last year. I did read in another posting that many times the wrong mesh fuel filter may be installed but I'm not sure how I can even tell if that were the case. Assuming there are now contaminants in my fuel, even with a filter change, how do I get that "stuff" out? And keep in mind you're dealing with an acknowledged "dummy".
  3. I've made my first trip encountering mountains & get a check engine light even when I've downshifted going up 10% grades at a slow speed. Eventually the protect engine light might come on & everything seems to shut down. I drug out the manuals to discover neither error is described. I'm looking for advice. I have 22000 miles on it & I've driven it since it was brand new and it has had the prescribed preventive maintenance (including the 18,000 mile one) performed by a Freightliner dealer. And one more question - as I read the manual, I discovered I've never let the engine cool before shutting it down. So what have I damaged & is there hope?
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