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  1. Since I have owned the coach for 3 years I have been to Texas 2 and Black Hills 2 as well as Colorado
  2. I was hopeful someone would disagree with me that this tire was made the first week of December 1999-1989 or1979 My Coach is a 2001 American Dream. I bought it a few years ago and everyone told me the tires were like new and wouldn't have to worry about them. So I didn't. Had them inspected last year and mechanic said I could get another year at least out of them
  3. Herman no these are the date codes DOT FVEA-AU2 X 489 this was the only tire I can get the code for on the back Right outside duelly. The Right side front is FVEA CN8 X 2511 Therefore I am waiting to crawl under to see what the codes are for the others.
  4. My DOT code is 489 should I be concerned
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