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  1. We have a 2008 monaco monarch. 245 70R19.5 tires that are 7 years old. we would like to replace them with Michelin. we received a quote for the XRV 245 70R 19.5 from the FMCA website. When I called the various dealers that were (supposedly) onboard with the FMCA discount, they were hard to find. Most had never heard of the program. The one i did find could get the tires and their corporate office (ROYAL TIRES INC.) stated I'd have to go to Michelin's website directly with my FMCA number and exp date and give them a credit card. Then the tire company (in Duluth MN) would bill Michelin directly. Is this normal protocol?


    OK, thank you for your response. We want to power the front and back tvs, the dish reciever (tailgater), and a dvd player, and charge our computer and cells. Not all at once! Just do not like the generator running when we are viewing the tube. We camp off the grid for about 2 months every winter, (7 days out, 2 days in). I think a 1000 watt would be adequate, placed along side the house batteries, and we understand it will tie into the two separate outlets for the two tvs. My concern is the ease of which it turns off when you go to shore power. The Xantrex true sine has a remote panel you turn on and off. The sunforce doesn't. Also the Xantrex has an add on unit ($62) to make the shore power to inverter power automatic. I just don't know if it is necessary. And is a solar panel a good idea? How much generator time would it save? We are in a lot of sun during our trips. I guess one step at a time.


    We want an inverter for our Monarch 2008. It was not an option for that year. We are looking at Sunforce and Xantrex 1000 watt true sine. Do we need the: Xantrex Inline Transfer Relay f/PROwatt SW or will the inverter switch panel take care of it. And which inverter is the best?
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