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  1. OP here... I received a call from a FMCA rep, and he explained that the wording in that plan needs some work. He promised to cancel my membership, and process a refund. Good customer service. I apologize for being so harsh, but I hadn't received a response to my email from last Monday. All good now.
  2. I was interested in joining FMCA, mostly out of interest in the FMCAssist Plan. I wasn't able to actually access and read the FMCAssist policy without a membership, so I paid for a membership. On further study of the fine print in the Plan, I find that that "Travel arrangements that were neither coordinated by nor approved by Seven Corners in advance" are exempt from coverage. It is patently unreasonable to get pre-approval for every trip that we take, and as such the Plan is absolutely worthless. I sent an email to FMCA to cancel my membership and requested a refund, but can't get any response. Very disillusioned about FMCA now. To be honest, I cannot recommend that anyone join FMCA , due to this experience.
  3. Hello. I'm new here, and wanted to share this helpful tip: I've read many Internet posts about the poor reliability of the Ford F-53 chassis fuel pumps. This pump requires that the gas tank be dropped, as the pump is inside the tank. The first big issue is to find a place for 200 litres of gas, which need to be removed before starting the repair. This is a hugely labor-intensive repair, and can be quite pricey and time consuming. My coach design is such that I was able to cut an 11" x 11" access hatch in the floor, directly above the fuel pump. To gain access to this opening, I simply drained most of the fresh water from my water tank, under the rear bed, and pushed it aside. Then I had fabricated a metal plate to cover the opening, which allows changing the fuel pump in a matter of about 20 minutes. I could now change that pump on the side of the road, if I needed to! Once the hatch cover is in place, there's a piece of insulation that fits back in, and the original carpet square pops back into place. As it is below the bed, you really don't see it anyhow. I realize all coaches aren't designed such that one could put in this type of hatch, but it's certainly worth looking into. If you can do it, it has potential to save you a lot of frustration and $$$$. I don't understand why the manufacturers don't provide convenient access like this.
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