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  1. We are headed to San Antonio, TX from Victorville, CA. Any ideas how to break up the trip into three nights so we don't have to drive too many hours each day of travel?
  2. We have a bird family who has taken up residence under the slideout awning in our RV. The eggs hatched 10 days ago. We are leaving for the summer on June 7, and don't know what to do with the nest so that the baby birds will be ok. I'm afraid if we move the nest to the tree next to our site, the adults will abandon it and the babies will starve. Any experience with a similar issue, or any ideas?
  3. We have a 2006 Damon Astoria, type A motorhome. Recently the gray water system has begun to "gurgle/burp" when we are showering, regardless of the waste water level in the tank. There are no problems with any of the drains operating slowly, etc., but the gurgling/burping is a recent, disconcerting development. We are full timers and keep our sewer valve connections closed until we are emptying full tanks. Any suggestions?
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