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  1. I will say that I have the EXACT same problems with my King Connect. I have a Tailgater 2 portable for portable areas with trees and such. But I have a KD 5500 mounted on the roof. Makes no difference! 1 year ago I purchased a refurbished KD 5500 about 1 when the one that was on the roof failed. 1 year ago we purchased our used 2011 Winnebago Journey with a tracking King receiver that no longer worked with Dish. So, for the last year has been a continuous struggle to keep them connected. Just like you said, unplugging, rebooting, etc. only to have to do the same thing over and over again. Calll Dish Network and they give you King's 800 number. King blames it on Dish, the HD satellite being to low in the sky, etc, etc, etc. Oh by the way, King, and Dish representatives were at the Rally in the Valley in Chandler, hooked everything up, direct wired it, no problem (for 1 hour)! I have sent the KD 5500 back to King to be upgraded; same thing! The whole system just seems to be poorly designed. At some point I will toss the system and put in a real system. I can tell you that it will not be a King!
  2. Thank you so much for that! We will look it over. This list is much more complete than others we have used. Skol! John
  3. We are looking for shorter term 2 or 3 weeks of RV camping in the Scottsdale area (we have relatives there). Online there is little to chose from and this will be our 2nd trip to the area. Last year is was days at a time, this year weeks at a time. Not ready for months at a time. We have looked at Roberts Resorts but they are 1 hour away. Most that we have looked at are long term. What suggestions do you have? Thanks!
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