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  1. Good morning from the mile high city. We bought our alfa see ya 36FD. In 2016. We have been living in it for the past 3 years now as I'm only 18 months to retirement. We love our alfa as we have made one trip to east coast and ended up driving about 4500 miles. Our plan is going to Arizona for the winter. Then to the east coast to pick up my sister. Then to Alaska for a couple of months. We are planning for 2023. We are looking for any advise we can get concerning our trip, prep, etc We have been down sizing for some time now (10 years) and are ready. Watching you tube for advise and some knowledge that is not personal. Getting ready and planning for retirement is done. Information on starting a blog with the name Marti and Big Dog.
  2. We are upgrading all the TV's in our Alfa. Learning so much about the coach in what was done at the factory and what wasn't. I found a 110 volt plug already wired hidden in the wall above the passenger seat. We got the enclosure off the front and it is cracked pretty good. Looking at getting it fixed or replaced. Any ideas from anyone on where to go in the Denver Area?
  3. Good Morning Everyone, My wife and I are new members to FMCA . We have been looking for over a year for the perfect Class A with all the features we wanted. We always ended up back at the Alfa. Finally at Lazydays in Colorado, we found the one. We pick it up today and we are so happy. We have all the service records but "No" owners manual. Any ideas where I can get one.
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