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  1. I thought I would give an update after my cleaning chore. I had limited access from the under the bed and from the passenger side from underneath the coach. I used the engine cleaning wand at 90 PSI first with air only then with a 1/13 mixture of simple green extreme and did a thorough wash down afterwards. Without the wand, I could not have reached much of anything. Afterwards, I cleaned the same way from the back of the coach and rinsed until I did not see anything but clear water. I also got a fin kit and straightened some fins from the back side of the coach. The result was a success in my opinion. I ran a similar route as I did when I had cooling problems. Outside air was about 5-6 degrees cooler. Prior to cleaning, temperature would range from 198 to high temp alarm which was 225 on my rig. The only way I could stay below 210 was to keep the turbo pressure below 20 PSI which is a slow climb on grade. After cleaning I ranged from 189 to 198 mostly and the maximum temperature I saw was 205 on an extended grade. I go on a lot of dirt an caliche roads frequently so I guess I loaded the unit over time. From now on I guess I will need to clean more frequently and for sure after I go on a long dirt or caliche road like I just did.
  2. I have a 2008 Fleetwood Discovery, Freightliner chasis. I have battled a low (secondary) air pressure alarm since I bought the coach. Freightliner has replaced the lightbar and looked at it a number of times and it just happens again. This occurs only after the coach is warmed up for a while. Intermittent. Gauge will go to zero, alarm sounds, and will go back up to normal, over and over. Now the gauge and alarm will go to zero and stay there longer, but go right back up, and then back. I have read a number or posts including a wiring harness, cold solder issue and sending unit issue. At this point I want to attack this myself to solve the issue. I guess I should start with the sending unit but do not know where it is. Any ideas or insight would be helpful?
  3. So I am ready to do the CAC and radiator cleaning. I got the Simple Green Extreme. Does anyone have recommendations on mixing ratios for this? Bottle for general engine cleaning says 1 to 3 gallons of water. That seems a bit high. saw another post somewhere of 1/13.
  4. thanks. guess i will put on my paint suit, goggles, gloves and get to work.
  5. Thanks too all so far. Rich, do you have access through the closet area or just the hole under the bed area?
  6. I have a 2008 Fleetwood Discovery, Freightliner Chasis, 350 hp Cummins. I had overheating issues on my last trip, primarily on grade. Temperature increased when turbo kicked in hard. If I kept the turbo pressure below 20 psi temp was OK but that is hard on a grade. I read a number of posts about cleaning the charge air cooler and the radiator from the inside using Extreme Simple Green and normal water pressure. I go offroad a lot so there is a good chance of a buildup. I accessed the engine from under the bed but can't get close to the radiator area easily. Is there possibly additional access through the rear closet? I did find a screw like in the other opening under the bed. Or am I just going to need to be a worm and crawl over the motor to it? Any insight would be helpful.
  7. Thanks from all, I am learning. I do have power when I run the generator so I guess the transfer switch is stuck or something. I do not see anything in the coach compartment except the incoming junction box for shore power, the inverter and a "battery control center". The wiring from shore power goes straight up from the box into the coach in the rear so I assume the surge protector and transfer switch are in behind the cover to the circuit breakers in the back bedroom. Do you agree? I've gotta figure this one out myself since I can't get anyone out for 5 weeks. I don't want the diesel mechanic messing with anything else.
  8. 2008 Fleetwood Discovery, Freightliner Chasis. When I plug into shore power I used to hear a thump and power would start its cycle. Now, nothing happens. Power is good coming in. I am assuming I have a bad transfer switch/relay. Do you think I may be correct? I bought this used and in the paperwork there are 2 things: and Intellitec Transfer Relay Delay and a SurgGuard Automatic Transfer Switch that was installed new in 2012. Are these the same thing? Even so, does anyone have any idea where they may be installed in the coach?
  9. found out that the technician wired the house batteries wrong. everything ok once they corrected that
  10. I have a 2008 Fleetwood Discovery, cummins engine., freightliner chasis. Had the fuel pump replaced and the house batteries. When I went to pick it up it started fine but after a minute or 2 the instrument panel was going crazy, including even hearing the A/C fan speed change. Instrument panel would look normal then air pressure alarm goes off, both primary and secondary gauges go to zero, come back an forth and voltage goes low, low voltage alert comes up. All goes back to normal and then it happens again and again. I have always had a low air pressure alarm (without the gauge changing) that freightliner could never solve even after changing out the light bar. Mechanics scratching their heads. Any ideas?
  11. Cummins 350 ISB, 2008, has 96000 miles. Book says 350,000 miles. Will do regen while driving but have actually never seen the regen light come on. only regen i know of is forced at shop
  12. thanks for the info. i will have the engine tested tomorrow, still concerned that the DPF will pop up on me again at a difficult time.
  13. I had the stop engine light come on last month. Had the engine checked out and had the turbo speed sensor and the turbo manifold replaced for the second time. Was on a trip last week and noticed loss of power and stop engine light came on again. Freightliner in Tuscon found a diesel particulate filter ( DPF) issue. After a forced regen, still no power. Then further investigation showed that the turbo bolts had come off except for one, the gasket was also shot at that point. the tech in tuscon thought the DPF needeed to be baked as maybe unspent diesel got into it. we limped home at low speed for 2 days. the tech back home (who didn't tighten the bolts on the turbo) does not think the DPF is an issue after a forced regen. also does not believe that the turbo could have caused anything on the DPF. has anyone had any experience with this? i can't bear to go on another trip and have a shut down fiasco again on mountain passes.
  14. I will see if I can find a list of what they replaced. likely in the coach at the repair shop. i appreciate the help from all. i have four 36 hour round trips soon and can't imagine listening to the alarm go off and on for about half of that. frustrating for sure.
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