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  1. Weather is crap right now and the coach is in storage...sadly, outside. I think The jacks are Atwoods but it will take a day or so to get to it to look at the manuals- New coach to me, just celebrating a 2 week birthday. It will get north of 20 degrees next week and I'll run the jack down and clean them off.... will send updates as things develop.
  2. I was told electric jacks didn't like the cold. Sure enough it was about 20 degrees today and it took about 4 false starts before they went up. Press the button, they would go up about a second and stop. Reset and then same thing. After 4 tries the jacks went up, except the passenger side which only went up about 4 inches. I cycled them all down and then they all went up without a problem. So..... Do I have a problem or is this somewhat normal?
  3. Next Question about TPSM: my 2017 Jeep has that as OEM I wanted to add External sensors ( so I can take them off when not towing) but am wondering if they external will harm or interfere with the OEM ones on the jeep?
  4. Anyone now if the 2017 Jeep Trail Haw I just purchased has this same problem? Just answered my question. Jeep has stated "my" jeep, built in Oct 2016, has been corrected.
  5. My desire for TPSM coming from a trip I made when, in the rain, I noticed bits of the rear tire on my 5th wheel flopping in the rain. I hadn't felt or heard a thing and had no idea how many miles I had gone prior to seeing the flopping tire. Something I would not have seen if it were on the right side as my mirror couldn't be trained to see the back tires properly. I've heard similar stores of the inside rear on duel's. So... an alarm for tires I can't see on my new motor coach gives me piece of mind. Thanks to all proving great advice.... this is a good community. J
  6. I understand I should check tire pressure every day, first thing. However, if the overnight ambient temperature is 25, but I know I will drive into 65 within , say, 3 hours...... will this likely increase my tire pressure more than the 20% increase the factory recommends for a high pressure alarm on my TPSM system I will be adding?
  7. How many miles would I expect to get before This needs to be replaced?
  8. I ve got a 38 foot weighing about 12,000 pounds. Truck and 5th wheel combined weight 20,000 I can do 70 all day and get about 10.5 mpg. I've got 800 pounds of torque now so when I think of a Dp that will weight say 40K.....almost everything seems under powered.... perhaps I need to learn to enjoy the ride.... I'm newly retired and still haven't gotten use to the idea... " I don't care how long it takes to get anywhere."
  9. 37-38 foot in length. An engine developing at least 1050 pounds torque(more it now seems). able to tow 10,000 pounds. Less than 180,000$... I really like the Dutch Star. Tiffin bus or to a lesser degree Tiffin Phaeton. I'm from Illinois but could find myself easily in the Texas to Florida area if something interesting comes along.
  10. The coach I am looking at is a 2010 Dutch Star. I am discovering find the coach I want is like looking for a four leaf clover.... only harder to come by, I feel like there are coaches I am missing but RVTRADER,, MHSRV, RVT, yields nothing in the 36 - 38 foot arena. Suggestions on a search engine?
  11. It seems like everyone is buying the bigger engine (maybe a bigger coach) later on. I'd like to do it right the first time. asking you to go out on limb here,but is it YOUR opinion i'd likely be happier with that 400hp larger engine?
  12. Remarkably helpful answer, Thank you. I take it the 400 does much better on the hills. Noticeably better as in doing 35 at the top of the hill as opposed to say.... 50?
  13. I've been looking at a Dutch Star 3623 that has an ISC360HP engine. I'd rather have the larger 400 but that configuration seems difficult to come by. The issue of more torque is relative to a decision. But, I might be persuaded if the fuel economy was markedly better. The simple question is; Given the same or similar configuration......what is the Fuel economy someone has gotten with the 360 and what has someone else gotten with a 400? Chime in with your engine and weight specs to make analysis easier. To help with the torque question.... what speed you are going at the top of some famous mountain pass. I don't expect to do as well as my 2010F250 400HP/800lb torqe pulling my 5th wheel.... but I'd like t know what to And yes, I know that If I have to ask about Fuel economy I shouldn't buy. But the engine configuration is going to stay with me forever.. but I am asking anyway.
  14. No worries on the coach, It's a Dynamax with 455 CAT rated at 30 K
  15. I m a little concerned about adding a drive shaft disconnect on my 2 wheel drive 2011 Diesel F250. Anyone have experience with this? Is it strong enough to still be able to pull a trailer when not being towed? Am I better off getting a new pickup?
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