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  1. Yes, there's a lever that we flip from city water to fill, so it changes from filling the tank to city water. But neither setting seems to allow water into the RV. Its a manual switch, flips from pointing horizontally to the right for "normal" (city water) to down (fill). It flips and feels like something moves, but water does not enter the vehicle in either position.
  2. HI Carl, we're just attaching a hose to the RV. The attachment has two settings, one for city water and one for filling the tank. When we use city water, and turn on a faucet, there is no water. Yes, the source is on and water comes through the hose when not connected. Same hose and faucet will fill the tank on the other side of the RV, and we can use water from the tank. When we flip to "fill" on the same connection as the city water, the tank does not fill. So, its like something in that connection is blocking water from entering. Water is not going on the ground, its just not flowing.
  3. We have a 2005 Winnebago Journey. We bought it used and are new to it (7 months). We left it for a month over Christmas, and picked it up about a week ago. It was not winterized, and was in an area not below freezing. We drove about 1500 miles to Texas with it. Today, we hooked up to city water for the first time since fall. We have been using the water tank as we travel. Nothing comes out when we use city water, and the water tank will not fill from the connection that is both the city water and tank fill. We can fill the tank using the other access, and the water works fine from the tank. When the city water is connected, water on, faucets open, no water comes out anywhere. Its not coming out on the ground, its just not going anywhere. We did not close anything, but is there a valve or something that could have broken? Thank you!
  4. To finally finish this thread. Blue Ox responded within a few days and asked us to check for the spring, which we could not locate. So, probably it broke and fell out. We took the tow bar back to the place we bought it, they ordered the part, and fixed it. We think its working fine now. Thanks for all the ideas and advice!
  5. Thanks, Nitehawk. We pulled the cap off the end of the lever, and can see that when the arm is extended, the handle goes up (meaning the opposite end of the handle drops down as it should ), but it won't stay in place. Its more like its too loose than not loose enough. We tried calling Blue Ox, but they are not open until Monday. we may just need to leave the truck and travel without it.
  6. We have a Blue Ox Aladdin towbar. Have had it about a month now. Hooked up today, and one arm will not lock into the extended position. Have tried driving around a parking lot, and reattaching vehicle. No service places are open this weekend, and its fairly important we travel. Can we adjust this? Thank you for any help.
  7. Got the cover off. The contacts are VERY tiny, like maybe 1/32" square, and behind a metal bracket, so I don't think the pencil eraser will work. I think I will try some electronic contact cleaner. But, its also easy to see how the thermostat comes off altogether, if we decide to replace it. Thanks! We went from no electric heat and debating a repair, to perhaps only cleaning contacts and maybe replacing a thermostat.
  8. Five, yes, thank you for the post of 10/6. I am working on gathering all of those figures!
  9. Okay, we're making some progress! Thanks to all your comments, I understood the system a little better, and I think the problem is literally the switch. It slides to the right for Electric heat and nothing has been happening (even with waiting). But today I discovered that if I really push the switch to the right, it makes contact, and the furnace comes on with a greater than 5 degree differential in current and set temp, and then it switches to heat pump with 4 degrees or less. So the problem seems to be the switch. Does anyone know if contacts could be dirty, or if they wear out?
  10. Let me see if I can figure all this out. I think its a heat pump; that's what is described in the manual. Yes, the AC works. Its in the basement. The thermostat is a True-Air. Nothing happens when we slide the switch to electric heat. In reading the instructions, it seems like the gas furnace should come on, if its cold outside and/or the temp differential is more than 5 degrees. As far as we can tell nothing happens.
  11. Hello! My husband and I bought a used motorhome this summer (2005 Winnebago Journey) and discovered last week that the electric heat is not working. Propane works fine. Its out of warranty at this point, and I wondered if there were some simple things that we could check, before taking it in for repair. Thank you!
  12. We have a Cat 350 engine and an Allison 6 speed transmission, so I am fairly confident that we can tow 10k. We will make sure of that. Thank you for that "heads up."
  13. Thanks so much for all of the input! Our RV is a diesel. I checked the hitch, and it is rated for 10k#. I checked our truck, and it is good for flat towing. Our towing may be different than some. We drive about 40k a year, using our RV to travel to work projects around the country. We do 1-2 trips each month, sometimes as long as 3 weeks, others are a few days. We won't need the truck for all our trips, but more likely on the extended trips of 2-3k miles, We typically are in one location for only a few days, so ease of attaching and unattaching will be critical. Apart from not being able to back up, are there any other limitations? Anything else we should know? Thanks for all your help!
  14. Hello, my husband and I bought our first Class A this summer, and have almost completed our first 10k miles. Its a 2005 Winnebago Journey. We think we want to learn to tow a vehicle. We have a 2003 Chevy Silverado 4x4 truck, and have read that it can be flat towed. From what I've read, we would need a tow bar and a plate on the truck. We have questions about how to connect the brake lights, if we should or have to have auxiliary brakes, and what we do to the truck to tow it. What else should we know to start to tow a vehicle? Thank you!
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