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  1. slide topper replacement ACE 30.1 2016 Anybody have experience with replacing the slide toppers? Our are from Carefree, but are unlike those I see - anywhere. It is past time to replace our bedroom slide topper. The fabric is disintegrating. Duct tape helped for a while...) I assume that the livingroom slide topper must be about due as well. I watched several YouTube videos and it seemed DIY doable. So I ordered replacement fabric from Tough Tops. Looks great. First issue: I've now watched six different how-to videos. All of them say to turn the roller unwrapping all the fabric until the channel (that the fabric edge slides into) is at the top (except one that says bottom) and then put cotter pn or screwdriver or awl through the hole to keep the spring from rewinding. On mine the is no hole to stick anything through. (The sixth video actually says, after saying stick it through the hole, that tehirs didn't have a hole so the drilled their own. I don't think I'm confident enough about what I would be drilling through to do that.) One video gives an alternate method, removing the roller and letting the topper hang down the side, then sliding the roller off the fabric. Although that will be more complicated and more effort, I'd do it except that the topper won't hang down very far. It will mean manuvering the 7 foot long roller over my head while sliding it off, or having more than two people up ladders to slide it off. I think that method works better for toppers for slides that go out more than 18"! Second issue: All the videos say to slide the old fabric out and new fabric in, and show the end of the channel in the roller being clear of the endcap/bracket but it is not on mine. There is less than an inch clearance from the end of the channel to the endcap. I have ordered a small rachet driver with short heads that I hope will allow me to remove the screw in the end of the channel. (See note on further complication below.) Even if I get the screw out, I'm concerned about etting the new fabric around the bend and into the channel. Third (lesser) issue: All of the videos refer to and/or show the screws (locking the fabric in place in the channel on the side of the coach, and closing off the end of the channel in the rioller) as either being a Phillips head or taking a hex key. Mine need a square drive. I have only tried the bedroom lide topper but it certainly appears that all the same issues will apply to the livingroom slide topper - and be harder to surmount.
  2. 2016 Thor ACE 30.1, failed today locking us out.
  3. It's not made at all clear anywhere on the website. There is a reference to "other vehicles," but is that ALL vehicles in the household, or just those towed behind RV? If all, it's a **** of a deal and I want to jump on it. If not, I may just want to upgrade my AAA to cover RV roadside.
  4. Finally got everything squared away as of Friday the 15th.
  5. Who else is going to QuartzFest? I know a lot of people are going to Quartzsite. QuartzFest is for people who are not just motor coach crazy but ham radio crazy, too. Wanna know what's really crazy about it? It's free. Neil K6NCX
  6. If I had read in the forum before ordering I likely would not have ordered. Oh well. I didn't read, I did order, and I'm wondering if the s mess will ever get straightened out. It took several hours and considerable effort to get my order completed and accepted, but eventually it was. I was advised that I would receive an email when the device was shipped. That email would give the telephone number for the device. That was on Friday, November 24. By the evening of Monday November 27, I wondered what the deal was so I started looking for a way to check the status. To check status on the phone, must have either account number or phone number. I had neither. Order status online required My Verizon login, which requires having account number or phone number. After several hours of hunting, I found another, obscure order status lookup. That showed my order as "PROCESSING." Actually, I need to go back a step to tell you yet another layer of problem. That hidden lookup path required not only the order number, which was in the confirmation, but a location code which was not given in the confirmation. The only reason I had the location code was that was given in the "action required" notice I received saying I had to fax my driver's license and Social Security card to the order review team. I called them, different number, and they said I was good to go. Anyway, on Tuesday afternoon the 28th, with my order still shown as "PROCESSING," I called sales (can't get through the voice menu tree at customer service without account number or phone number) and was able to talk with a human by indicating that I was not currently a customer (though of course I technically was because I had ordered a device and entered into a contract.) That human told me that the order would NEVER one out of "PROCESSING" status, though they didn't tell me why, and entered a new order for me. This may be the source of some of the later problems. Yes, there's more. The device arrived and worked immediately. No activation issues. Speed tests both at home and at work were impressive, better than 20MB/s up and down. Shortly after turning on the Jetpack, I received a text. (I hadn't known I could.) It said that my account had been set for paperless billing, that I could use My Verizon to view and pay my bill online, and to reply "PAPER" to switch back. That all sounded reasonable. Thing is, there is no reply function on the Jetpack. It's not just that I can find it; Verizon's documentation says there isn't. Verizon sells them. Why is Verizon telling me to reply, i tried and tried to get registered for My Verizon. Couldn't. Called Customer Service (since I have the phone number now) and they say that since I have only Jetpack I cannot use My Verizon. So I have to get a bill by mail, which they will set me up for. I thought we were wrapping up when she mentioned the amount of the bill, 120-some dollars. How can that be, I asked. She explained that it was $80/month for my 10GB plan, and a $40 activation charge. I told her it was supposed to be $49.99 for "unlimited" (effectively 25GB, as we know) on Family Motor Coach Association plan. Sh first said there was no such plan, but after going off the line several times, tellling me to do all the things I had already done, and talking -she said - to FMCA, she finally said the was putting in the request for plan change for me. Mind you, it's not a "request" as far as I am concerned. I want the plan which was offered, and which I ordered and received confirmation of. That was Tuesday Nov 5. No word yet on the change being accomplished, and the display on the device shows 0.73 GB/10 GB used. Today I received an email from Verizon reminding me to register for My Verizon. Truely, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing! As frustrated as I am with Verizon, it's not just Verizon. My emails to FMCA about this have gone unanswered.
  7. Apparently there IS a benefit to having the Mifi device associated with your existing account. I was not an existing Verizon customer, and have only the FMCA data deal and Jetpack device. I tried and tried to register for My Verizon and was unable. So I called them. They say that's right, if all you have is the Jetpack you cannot have online access and must get bills by mail.
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