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  1. Greetings, Does anyone know "WHERE" I can purchase a powered swing arm for the TV? I have a 2019 Greyhawk and I've been told that Jayco stopped installing them with the 2018 model. I can't pull the release cord due to a medical condition and my Wife has to climb up into the bunk to release and then latch the TV. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My Dealer is of no help.
  2. We are traveling WEST from Indiana on Rt 90/80 heading for Baraboo, WI. Want to go around Chicago, and return to I 90 W into WI. Multiple routes on map, which are better to take? Thank you in advance for your input, Used last info posts for our trip to PA , made for less stressful drive, Thanks again.
  3. Will be traveling from Boston area to Gettysburg and back. Have been told to avoid NYC and the George Washington Bridge. All trip planner maps show RT 95 , Have motorhome with toad. What are good travel routes to take? PRNDL
  4. Hello, Newbie here with a question, will be traveling to South Dakota this July and want to include Wall Drug, in Wall, SD on the way to MT. Rushmore. I'm wondering about the parking and maneuvering space for a 33' Class C with a Toad. Can anyone Help??? Thanks, prndl
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