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  1. Yes. Overheated. Extended warranty covering engine replacement.
  2. Mileage on the total package was 12,000. Blown head gasket. Coolant leaking into #2 cylinder warped cylinder and piston. New engine. 21,000k bill.
  3. Mileage on the total package was 12,000.
  4. Manholt- Coach was a one owner serviced at 9000 miles by the dealer and my mechanic at time of purchase summer of 2016. Magnus
  5. magnusrehab

    2006 Cat C7

    Traveling home from Florida in the spring I began to have engine problems. The long and short of it is my 2006 Itasca Ellipse with the 350 hp Cat C7 in pending a new engine in Jackson, Georgia. It has been at Georgia Truck and RV. Broken valve caused scored cylinder and broken piston. Likely a new engine. Waiting for damage estimate 6 weeks later. Have extended warranty with Protective Xtra Ride extended warranty. Has anyone out there had a similar experience and what has been the outcome? Advice is also welcome. Engine only had 12,000 miles and serviced. Thanks.
  6. I recently purchased 06 Itasca Ellipse 40 ft diesel pusher. We love the layout,power and driveability. Problem: I scraped a cargo door on my first parking attempt, backed into a large boulder, second incident and scraped the same cargo door again at a gas pump barrier - number 3. Anyone able to relate and share my pain? Thanks for your counsel.
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