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  1. Base curb weight of 2018 Equinox 1.5 liter FWD is 3327 pounds. GM documentation states that they were able to reduce the weight of the 2018 model by approximately 400lbs which is the primary reason we purchased the 2018 Equinox LT. Using the 3764 figure minus 3327 = 437 lbs lighter which is in the ballpark. On another subject, I investigated using a diode setup to the 2018 Equinox LT tail / brake lights but abandoned the idea upon finding that the bulb which provides both running lights and brake lights has only 1 filament. I can only surmise that the voltage is varied to provide both the running light function ( lower voltage) and the brake light function (higher voltage). Wiring our last toad, which was a 2010 Ford Escape, was a bit simpler and diodes worked well. I would be interested in what other members with this 2018 Equinox are doing for lights. The led wireless light bar I referenced in an earlier post seems to work well for us but did require the installation of load resistors due to the minimal current draw of the light bar transmitter.
  2. I flat towed our 2018 Equinox for the first time this past weekend behind a 2016 Itasca Navion. It towed well with no major issues. The "battery disconnect" issue is interesting and I guess we'll have to see what GM finally decides. I installed a Toad Charge on our Equinox allowing the battery to be charged by the motorhome as you drive. Additionally, I purchased a TowMate Wireless LED tow light bar (RVHW32) which requires no additional toad wiring although load resistors did need to be installed at the transmitter which plugs into the motorhome 7 pin or 4 pin trailer connection. Time will tell if this was the right way to go.
  3. 2018 Equinox Flat Tow Issue My question on flat towing a 2018 FWD Equinox with the 1.5 liter gas engine is resolved with help from the dealer. The procedure outlined in the Owner's Manual does work given the following information which was provided by GM through the dealer. After following the steps in the Owner's Manual which have you place the transmission in neutral and shut the engine off, the chime will continue for approximately 30 minutes then stop. The message on the dash to “ Shift to Park” will remain lit while you are towing. This 30 minute timeout may be the same logic that turns off lights and accessories you may have forgotten to turn off when you exit the vehicle. It is also worth noting that you cannot open the lift gate after the 30 minute timeout unless you shift into Park (there is no manual opening provision on the power lift gate). I have not yet flat towed the vehicle as I still need to install the baseplate but will update this post if any other issues arise. Thanks for the input.
  4. Tried moving keyfob away from vehicle with same results. With ignition in "accessory" position, chime continues, running lights, parking lights and taillights remain lit and message on dash "shift to Park" remains displayed. Still waiting for dealer to get back to me. Think I need to talk with district sales rep.
  5. I stopped at the Chevy dealer yesterday and he was able to shift to neutral using the procedure outlined above with no chime but the green ignition on light on the push button remained lit along with one or two dash indicator lights including the engine icon. Perhaps this is OK but he wanted to run it by GM. When he pushed the start button again to go to the accessory position, the amber accessory light on the push button lit but the chime started. There is a question as to what else is energized with the green light lit vs amber accessory light and if the ignition is actually in the accessory mode (as required by the manual) when the green light is on. Thank you for your responses. I will provide updates.
  6. I am setting up my 2018 Chevy Equinox LT with the 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine and push button ignition to flat tow. The owner's manual has you perform the following to prepare to tow: Turn the vehicle on. In vehicles equipped with AWD engage the AWD system and confirm that it is on. Position the vehicle to be towed and secure it to the towing vehicle. Shift the transmission to N (Neutral). Turn the ignition to ACC/ ACCESSORY. Turn all accessories off. My Equinox is a front wheel drive (FWD) with a push button ignition. When I complete the above procedure, the warning chime continues to alarm and a message to place transmission into Park is displayed on the dash. I will be stopping at the dealership later in the week to discuss the issue with them but wondered if anyone else has run into this. I'm wondering if the manual is in error and a fuse needs to be pulled. Update: I stopped at the Chevy dealer today. They did not have an answer but also thought that a fuse may need to be pulled. They are going to follow up with GM and let me know.
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