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  1. Motorhome is a 40' diesel pusher. What I'm trying to decide is the downside between a more complicated integrated system such as the Air Force One versus a portable system (brake in a box). Seems there's no real significant cost difference between the two but I don't like the thoughts of a brake system pushing on the drivers seat for stopping power. I'm wondering if the additional installation cost and effort is worth having a brake system integrated into the coach braking air and unregulated air. In practical terms would a brake in a box work just as well and have the advantage of being portable. I'll only be towing a 2012 Cadillac SRX so portability is not a big point. thanks for your thoughts. Paul
  2. I'm looking to buy a brake system for my toad and would like comments from users of different types. Any input or suggestion would be helpful. I'm considering an Air Force One but am leaning toward a brake buddy type. Thanks for your thoughts. Paul D
  3. Best wishes for safe travels. BTW....Jane and I have a Monaco also...looks like yours. Paul and Jane
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