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  1. We’re in Arizona near Apache Junction. If anyone knows of a good HWH tech I would truly appreciate that info😁 Thanks for your all your input😎
  2. So I tightened that and no help, I've talked to 2 supposed HWH master techs and they keep telling me the ground that is from the parking brake is the problem but neither of them can tell me where the ground for the parking break is. I also can't find where the wiring starts or ends for the parking break. I've talked to the 2 "super" techs , Newmar and Spartan. Not sure if they think I'm just some dumb girl that is helpless or what but I'm about to pull my hair out! We have found the bundle of white wires by the control box and pump and tightened those, we have taken the 12 pin plug off of the back of the control box and checked the #7 pin, no help, we have taken the touch pad off and checked all of that, no help. I'm still on the "3 week" call list for HWH and it's now going on 10 weeks. Last time I called to check with them the girl on the phone hung up on me!! Does anybody know if there is any way to bypass that ground or to run another ground wire from point A (the touch panel) to point b (the control box) to bypass that safety issue. I'm sure I won't try to pu the jacks down while we're moving. Lol. Thanks
  3. Can you give me a better description of where the ground wire nut is located? I can’t seem to locate it.
  4. Hello, we live in Arizona and we left on a trip on June 12th. We packed our stuff stored the jacks and took off. After driving about 6 hours on mostly freeways we pulled into an RV park for the night and went to level our coach and all that happens is the red light comes on and says the parking brake isn’t on...but the parking brake is set. Nothing else happens. We have a 2006 Newmar Mountain Aire and the system has always worked flawlessly. I’ve researched the internet till I’m almost crazy and can find nothing for our system. The slides work fine and someone told me that if the slides are working it can’t be the brake. I have called HWH on June 18th and was told I had to be on a 3 week callback list. I have called back to check and yes... I’m still on the list, however, today is July 16th! Has anyone had this problem? Is there anyway to reset this system? The red LED light on number 35 on the control box is lit? We’ve had it to Camping World and supposedly HWH won’t talk to them either. I’ve fixed several electrical things on this coach but I am truly at my wits end on this one. Any help would be truly appreciated
  5. I need to replace the one I have because it is broken. I am trying to find a decent unit at a decent price that will allow it to be used when traveling so I can keep an eye on my Toad.
  6. I am looking to replace the stereo/ rear view camera in my motorhome. I want one that the camera will work all the time and NOT ONLY in reverse. Need to use it as a rear view mirror and use it to back up. Anyone know of a good one with a reasonable price tag? Thanks for your help!
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