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  1. ztrain

    New to RVing

    My husband and I are planning our first cross country trip from Houston to the Gettysburg area, traveling up the Blue Ridge Pkwy, then on to eastern Pennsylvania, returning to Houston from there. We have an Allegro Open Road and will tow a CRV. Can anyone suggest a route traveling 375 - 400 miles a day with recommended stop overs. We have a route plotted out but are not so sure on realistic times/distances. Thank you for your help
  2. ztrain


    Can I use Plexus plastic cleaner on the body of my Allegro Open Road, or will it harm the finish?
  3. ztrain


    I believe it is an elite Tripp . Yes I just looked again, fan was off. I had never paid attention to it before just wondering if it was normal to be on all the time. Before I changed the setting said volts were 10 then down to 8. Then I started RV went back up to 10 for a while. Reading 13.5 now. Seems to be correct now. Thanks for you help. zee
  4. I have a 2015 Allegro Open Road. I just changed the setting on the inverter to auto/remote. I am on shore power readout is fine, but the converter/inverter continues to run most of the time should I leave it on all the time. We are newbies but learning. Thanks for the help. Zee train
  5. We have a new class A motor home and looking for someplace warm for our first winter. Looking into Florida and Alabama. Any other recommendations?
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