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  1. Hello everyone. As you may or may not know, many States have mandated that insurance companies give refunds to their auto policy holders due to the decreased risk of claims. I contacted Progressive Insurance about refunds/discounts being applied to RV policies. Bottom line, no discounts (because Rvs were not included in the mandates by certain states) Here is their official reply: "As of right now, this credit is only applying to personal auto policies as this is where we have seen the biggest impact.... Although we have not announced a credit for RV policies, motorcycle policies, etc, we will continue to monitor and communicate any future credits should we decide to offer those. I encourage anyone who has a Progressive policy to call and complain about this disparity. RV policies should have been the first to be discounted, as there is no where for most of us to go. People are driving their cars less, but they are still driving them. My motorhome has been in our garage for 2 months and with no sign of this crisis ending, it will sit there for months to come. In the meantime, everyone stay safe. Craig
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