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  1. We own a 2017 Fleetwood Bounder 35K purchased in August 2016. While vacationing in Maggie Valley, NC this past summer, when flushing the toilets, the Vacu-Flush (VG3) system began making strange loud noises. It stopped moving any liquid waste to the black tank and so I went to check it out. I opened the Vacu-Flush compartment and saw that foam was being pushed out and then sucked back in underneath the pump. We could not find anyone in our area willing to work on this system. So, I removed the pump and found a hole and a few cracks on the underside of the pump housing (see photo). I found there was a large WOOD SCREW inside the pump (see photo). We are extremely careful not to put any foreign items down either toilet. This did not happen because of our negligence, but was definitely done or left over from construction in the factory. Upon realizing that this could not be repaired, I was forced to purchase the Vacuum Pump without the motor. (Part number 310249). We were without working toilets for seven days from the time it stopped working until the parts arrived. Interestingly enough, when I posted this on the Fleetwood Bounder Group on Facebook, I immediately got a comment from another Bounder owner (2016 Bounder 35K) out in CA, stating he found the EXACT SAME SCREW inside his Vacuum Pump. His punched a hole through the bellows.. I firmly believe the replacement of this item should not be my responsibility. I'm not dealing with a normal wear and tear item, nor am I dealing with a part's manufacturing defect. I am dealing with and suffered because of poor quality control when assembling and/or installing the system. Therefore, I wanted Fleetwood to refund for the purchase and shipping. They are getting off easy, because I did all the work (yuck) but I am not expecting reimbursement for the labor, which would have been substantial. We contacted Fleetwood, sent them all the documentation and photos. After a few weeks, a representative from Fleetwood called to tell us that we are out of warranty, so basically, too bad. We are insisting this is not a warranty issue, but shoddy workmanship and/or terrible quality control.
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