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  1. We recently had a lift pump fail on our motorhome. We were in an RV park in Burns, OR when the first symptoms appeared (stalling during air up) so we called Saferide for a mobile mechanic. The person on the phone clearly knew little or nothing about RVs and evidently had never heard of Newmar. She eventually agreed to dispatch a mobile service. Over the next couple of hours, we got three texts stating that they were still looking for service. Then, nothing more happened. It's as if they just forgot about us. The next time I called was after we had made it to a shop who told us they wouldn't work on this issue because of the leaking fuel and advised us to have the motorhome towed to the nearest Cummins shop, 19 miles away. After nearly an hour on the phone with Saferide, they finally identified a suitable towing company and advised us that it being Saturday, they would not come out until Monday and would not guarantee a time. We waited until mid-afternoon Monday to call the towing company, and they told us that Saferide had never confirmed the appointment and had not provided payment information. We then called Saferide customer care and spoke with Trish. Trish was on and off the phone for the next 47 minutes as she repeatedly put us on hold. During the final hold cycle, we were unceremoniously transferred (Trish never came back to the phone), and there, the person who answered had no idea of what we had just been through with Trish. We hung up to consider our options and ultimately called back in. After some more hold time, we were fortunate to get connected with Carliscious, an associate who told us he specializes in RV issues. We told him that Consolidated Towing is the only company in Central Oregon who can handle this kind of tow. He said he understood that, but the system was going to force him to call a number of other companies before he could book Consolidated. We waited, and then the towing company called to tell us that Saferide had cancelled the transaction because they didn't want to pay the $2,500 minimum charge. Carliscious then called again after about 15 minutes to say that his supervisor was going to OK the charge after all. So, good outcome but a truly horrific experience. We remain surprised that FMCA would align itself with this company.
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