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  1. Having put a down payment on a 2009 Forest River Berkshire 390BH diesel pusher with over 110,000 on it. We have discovered only one company that will write an extended warranty on the power train. Questions we have as we are about to become first time motor home owners are: 1) Any of you out there every had a motor home with over a 100,000 on it and if so what is typical to go wrong? Brakes and pads? Any estimate to have that taken care of? Where do most of you take you Class A for mechanical repair? 2) If it were you would you run from this unit (it is a 2009 but the dealership is updating with 2017 Forest River decor) feeling you bought it at a good price, would you pay the $3,500 for 1 year power train coverage or just bank it and have it there for potential problems since it would not cover brakes etc 3) Anyone from the Denver or Colorado Springs area that would recommend where we take this RV once we drive it back from Elkhart, IN to Colorado to have it inspected so we feel confident to be on the road come spring. The dealership we are purchasing it from says they have gone totally through it but we weren't born last night. A bit nervous hitting the road for 1,000 miles in a Class A 40 footer though we have had experienced with hauling long trailers. 4) Also, realizing we have to drive through Chicago after about a 2 hour crash course of driving a Class A, would you suggest going through Chicago on the Interstate after 9 pm and once through Chicago pull off for the night, or attempt in the daylight during heavy traffic? Just asking to get experienced drivers opinions. Please be candid - we can take it. Thank you for all input if it comes sincere.
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