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  1. Manholt, It is the Cummins/Onan QD8000. Kaypsmith, As soon as I get back to the coach I will follow up on the generator ground connection with Fleetwood electrical schematics in hand. The Magnum remotes plug into the inverter/charger with a communication/data cable and if it is sensing "High ACV" when shutting down the generator, then it has to be originated from my (generator) AC lines coming the Transfer Switch. I have checked all my connections inside the Transfer Switch and they are tight and unremarkable. My next step will be to check my AC connections in each unit.
  2. No....there are no AC loads on when I shut down the generator.
  3. I have a 2012 Fleetwood Discovery with two Magnum MS2000 inverter/chargers along with the individual remote displays (1 for each unit) at my control panel. For some strange reason, each time I run my generator and shut it down, both of the remote panels give me a red fault indication with "High ACV" (High AC Voltage) noted on the screens. The inverter faults both reset after the battery disconnects are turned off and subsequently turned on again and the inverters work fine on shorepower or generator power while underway. It only happens when I shut the generator down. Has anyone else experienced this anomoly or know what might be triggering the fault when the generator shuts down?
  4. Check with Lazydays RV in Seffner (Tampa) Florida....they have an on-site company that can custom make your bra to fit perfect. I can't remember the name of the company, but they do nice work like custom floor mats etc.
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