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  1. The lights work, but they are rusty inside. Has anybody done that?
  2. Just purchased a used brake buddy to be used with my 2010 Honda CRV. Anybody knows where can I pass the brake away cable trough the fire wall? In this car everything is so tight I' m afraid to drill a hole.
  3. I have to replace the G670 Goodyear tires on my Winnebago Slighteer I want to take advantage of the Michelin Advantage Account with FMCA. My choices are the XRV. Or XZE Does anybody have experience on this two tires. Which model tire will give me the closest ride (or better) to the Goodyears I have. Thank you Leo
  4. I need to replace Goodyear G670 tires on my Winnebago. I am looking at the Michelin XRV or Michelin XZE tires. Anyone purchase either tire and is similar to the existing Goodyear tires? What type of ride did you get.
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