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  1. We are considering strongly touring the Canadian Maritime Provinces next summer in July for 35 days with Fantasy RV leading the way for us and the other Coaches on this tour. Has anyone out there toured this same route with Fantasy RV and what was your overall experience and comments please ???
  2. I have just bought a 2013 Mine Cooper Convertible with manual transmission. Any advice please on towing pkgs for this car behind our Coach? Does Blue Ox make a base plate for it? What is the proper towing process ??? Do we need to pull the fuse?? Thanks all...
  3. I really needed new steering tires for my Coach now in 295/80r/22.5 size before we head off from Florida to the Canadian Maritimes and back this summer for 3.5 months on the road in the Coach. I checked out the FMCA Michelin tire program in earnest to buy, but discovered there were no tires to be had until later in the summer after I would be gone. $832/tire mounted, balanced, and on the ground, but none to be had. I then went to Camping World and found the similar Goodyear 670RV tires in 295/80r/22.5 size in stock and 4/14 manufacture as well for $799 mounted, balanced, and on the ground out the door. These same Goodyear 670RV tires are what came on the Coach from Monaco when it was brand new. Next, I will need 4 more rear axle tires next fall or spring as those are worn down as well and need replacing. Can anyone tell me why then I should go back into the FMCA tire program and buy the slightly more expensive Michelins at that time please ????? David
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