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  1. Hello Michael And any other FMCA members who have RV'd Downunder, We did not realize that New Zealanders had so many RVs or that RVing was so popular downunder. We have never been to New Zealand or Australia and are planning a trip there and could use some help. Would you please answer some rather basic questions for us. What time duration would you allow for seeing both the North & South Islands? We were thinking of 10 days per Island. Also where did you rent your RV? Any particular RV Rental company you would recommend? Can you usually get into the RV campgrounds OK? Do they have power? We are thinking of going at the end of Jan/First of Feb. Is there any particular time of the year that you liked or would recommend? What were you favorite site? Or Must See sites? Have you ever RV'd in Australia? I hate to ask this question, but if you only had time to go to one destination and had to chose between New Zealand and Australia which country would you chose to visit? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Arla & Chuck Ellsworth F264626 NewZealand.doc
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