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  1. Who can tell me about having medical insurance while traveling in Canada? Where to buy, Who is reliable? WHo has actually collected Additional all relavent information. Thanks
  2. Trecking, Just now saw this post. Almost every word you wrote could have been exactly what I have said, down to the 02 Popular. It's true that a AGM battery could lay on it's side in that left rear compartment, however there is a warning that the compartment has a total weight limit of 75 pounds. These battteries weigh more than that alone. Also from my research putting in 2 6v batteries in series will not give you added battery storage, due to the size 6v batteries that are available. The 12v Size 31 AGM Dekla battery as more weight thus more storage than anything else I have found. I have not switched yet, but that will be my choice.
  3. Thanks Wolfe, It is a Heng's HNB 12-45 converter. The only remote is a Roadtrek that says battery and says c,g,f,l downward side with lights. That remote is mounted on wall as a small panel, with tank status levels.
  4. Thanks Wolfe! Yes, house batteries. It is installed from the factory immediately in front of the rear bumper, four feet behind the rear axle on this 20' RT. There is an original converter/ inverter just behind the rear axle on the same side. If I did move it the 18", it is that much closer to the inverter as well as toward the axle. Currently when dry camping I turn on the Onan if I use the microwave or coffee pot. When it comes time to us the AC , I will need to do the same probably use shore power. I am not positive solar will be a major help, unless I stay in one place longer. I My inverter/charger is from 2002, I doubt if it is smart technology. Will that be a problem for the AGM, or will it need replaced?
  5. Recently bought a 2002 Roadtrek 200 Popular. So far, we have put 5000 miles on this year -Loving it! Joined FMCA, based on what we heard. This RT has one size 24 coach battery, we are wanting to do a lot of dry camping and are considering switching to a size 31 battery. It is impossible to check battery water in the original location between the bumper and generator from below. I have not had any problems, but have never gone two full days without driving the RT. I am considering installing an AGM battery in the original location. Is that a charging problem if nothing else is changed? I am also considering putting the battery in the left rear compartment which is only about 18" away.
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