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  1. Please keep closed until you have a significant mixed load to dump. Besides what others have mentioned, when you are connected with a hose and open your tank, you are venting your odors through the roof vent into the entire park!
  2. Wow I just registered on line as 97safaritrek and found your post. I had my water pump replaced last year. Your coach's water pump is as others have stated, Drivers side, rear compartment, in the Water compartment. Unfortunately, unless your rig has been updated, it is BEHIND the panel with all of the open/closed levers. Let me tell you it's a mess back there. If you ever have to replace it, move it to the outside so you can access it in the future. Also as suggested the new Trektrax website (formerly Trektracks). We've owned our 97 for about 10 years now and have worked through some issues. Sorry I deleted all of my photos of waterpump except this one. It's the dark object on the left side in the back.
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