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  1. RE: 2016 Newmar Ventana I noticed a loose wire hanging alongside my left rear HWH leveling jack and found that the wire had broken loose right at the sensor located at the inside bottom of that leveling jack. After researching online, and after not getting any return call from HWH tech support or HWH parts, it appears to be HWH part # RAP8003. See this link for part at HWH - HWH Part Link The jacks all seem to work fine by my usual method of using the extend and retract buttons for each side or front/back of the RV. I don't use the auto leveling button as I prefer to fine tune the leveling myself. QUESTION: what exactly does that sensor do? Is the data from the sensor only used in the auto-leveling function? Some local RV dealers say it may take 3 months to get the part and it costs about $120 (and then there is the installation process) so I'd rather just leave it as is if it only impacts the auto-leveling function. Thank you!
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