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  1. This is an update. I will say they offered " Excellent Customer Service" in crediting my Visa card... But, Do not try to place the blame for a bad unit on me, as I did not over tighten the fill nut. I inspected the unit a little further after your ranting phone call and found that the threads in the base are damaged,, thus the fill cap and gasket will not seat properly...
  2. My name is Duane, I am writing this blog for Diesel Motorhome Owners... Just want to let you all know, that you do not have to be changing your diesel fuel filters every year... I change my fuel filters every 2 years, once I even went 3 years and have been doing this for over 20 years.. When I due change them, I can tell you, they are as clean as the day I installed them ! Here is the reason why ! - I have used "Howes Diesel Treatment" and a "Diesel Biocide additive in my fuel, every time I fill up... To make it easier to pour into the fill hole,... I purchase 12 long neck, plastic wine bottle on Amazon.com... I then add 1 oz. of diesel biocide to each of the bottles and then fill the rest of the bottle with the Howe's..... As I said, I have been doing this for over 20 years.. I can also tell you, I have never had a plugged a fuel filter or even any sign of algae in any of my fuel filters - In fact my filters are as clean as the day I put them on !..
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