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  1. Linsay, I use a credit card that gives me credit, but only if I pay at the pump. This works if I go through the RV lanes. But I refuse to use the truck lanes if I have to take the card inside. I won't get my credit from the card company. Isn't there some change that can be made so I can use my credit card at the pump in the truck lane?

  2. I just got a new TPMS for my motorhome and toad. I weighed the coach and it came up that I should run 85lbs. in my tires. I set them for 90lbs. Where should I set my alarms? Low pressure? High pressure? Temp?



  3. This information is good to know. I to am interested in this GPS. My Garmin Nuvi 350 also gave me an incorrect turn last time used it to get to a campground. I think al GPS's will do that now and again. I have tried a Magellin and I prefer the Garmin. I am thinking seriously about this new 465T since I am new to driving a Motor home. I am hoping it will keep me out of unnecessary trouble.

  4. Brett

    Thank you for putting in this information. I am a Newb, so all the info I can find is helpful. I have been using my new(to me) Kountry Star with a cat 330 with the economy mode selected. I just am not sure when I should push the button to downshift. What is the best RPM range for this setup.



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