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  1. When a Truck passes you, are you supposed to turn on your high beams or just flash when it is safe for the trucker to pull back in your lane?
  2. Check it out on RVParksreview.com
  3. That is exactly what I did. Now if I sell the coach I can take it with me also. Besides it being safe in the electric bay while it is in use.
  4. Linsay, I use a credit card that gives me credit, but only if I pay at the pump. This works if I go through the RV lanes. But I refuse to use the truck lanes if I have to take the card inside. I won't get my credit from the card company. Isn't there some change that can be made so I can use my credit card at the pump in the truck lane?
  5. I just looked this up. The prices have gone down. Monthly access is now $49.99 per month with $0.05/MB after allowance. I think I will give this a try.
  6. mbisson


    I just got a new TPMS for my motorhome and toad. I weighed the coach and it came up that I should run 85lbs. in my tires. I set them for 90lbs. Where should I set my alarms? Low pressure? High pressure? Temp? Thanks mike
  7. Currently there is a very good price on the Aventa tow bar here http://www.adventurerv.net/blue-aventa-tow...ing-p-1585.html
  8. Thanks for the information. I have been thinking about getting these for my Kountry Star, but I am waiting for awhile.
  9. Thank you. That is the cheapest I have seen.
  10. Where is a good place to pick one up? I haven't been able to find anyplace that has any kind of a discount on these.
  11. Tom, Besides the tooth and gear, do you lube the slide itself. And what do you use. Is a silicone spray OK? Thanks mike
  12. This information is good to know. I to am interested in this GPS. My Garmin Nuvi 350 also gave me an incorrect turn last time used it to get to a campground. I think al GPS's will do that now and again. I have tried a Magellin and I prefer the Garmin. I am thinking seriously about this new 465T since I am new to driving a Motor home. I am hoping it will keep me out of unnecessary trouble.
  13. Thank you for the info. No problems with overheating yet. Went to AZ two weeks ago, drove through 110 degree heat. I now find myself looking for threads you have started. Thnaks again. mike
  14. Brett Thank you for putting in this information. I am a Newb, so all the info I can find is helpful. I have been using my new(to me) Kountry Star with a cat 330 with the economy mode selected. I just am not sure when I should push the button to downshift. What is the best RPM range for this setup. Thanks mike
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