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  1. Found 2 leaking vacuum breakers on the Tank Flush lines for Grey/black tanks. They are above the water connection bay behind a closet. They leak when flushing the tanks. Are they necessary? Can't I pipe bypass them and add a check valve at the hose connection selector in the wet bay? Looking for advice.
  2. Have a 2007 Revolution on a Spartan Liberty chassis. Front steering parts worn. Cannot find a new drag link. Per Spartan their source was TRW and that is unavailable. Anyone have an idea who would have it of an alternative supplier of a part that may work? I would consider having one made but no idea how to start? The coach is useless if we cannot find a replacement part. Looking for SME opinions and expertise.
  3. **** And Lois, Yes sir, the current unit is a 2000 watt. I would like to upgrade to the 2800 PSW. You think the best choice is stay with Magnum? I wonder if my remote will be compatible with the 2800?
  4. Have a Magnum 2012 that is acting up. The tech support thinks it is one of three boards that is defective. The board is $270 bucks plus testing etc (maybe $500 total). Is it worth repairing or should I upgrade to a Pure Sign Wave unit? Seems relatively easy to change out. A PSW 3K unit In see online AIMS brand inverter/charger with remote display would be less than $1000 for parts. I upgraded a while back to a residential fridge and the Magnum is running it well for now. Thoughts?
  5. Magnum inverter trips randomly and requires a reset. Trouble code is 1. All the batteries are less than 2 years old and water level is normal. Connections are corrosion free. Does anyone know if there may be a common problem with the control boards on these? Wher do I start to diagnose the issue. Thanks
  6. Have a 2007 Fleetwood with a C9 Cat. Planning a trip to Alaska this summer and would like someone to go over it and check it out. Live near Montgomery. Am willing to go up to a couple or more hours away for a good shop. We have done all the routine service for engine and chassis(lubes and filters). We changed the serpentine belt. I have not used a shop and read fairly poor reviews. Thanks,
  7. Thanks for the ideas. I think the Rev was built on the American Coach line back in the day. I have not checked an auto parts but will when I get back. No need to clip wires as they all just push onto lugs of the socket assembly.
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